Municipal Public Server

Friends and friends of heart blue-marine, When actions maken a mistake or arbitrary are practised or, still, when it has omission of that would have to adopt immediate steps and they do not make it, the critical one is inevitable e, understands, essential, therefore, in thesis, it is not interest of that errors if perpetuate. However, hardly she has recognition and compliments when the attitudes and behaviors are correct. Then, the hour is arrived to recognize some actions of the command of the GCMJG that is, yes, worthy of our recognition, seno, sees. It is foreseen in law that the vacations of the students will have preferential to coincide with the pertaining to school vacations, in order to make possible to these the deserved and necessary rest. Even because, let us agree, the professional who search qualification and perfectioning, in an effort on-human being to conciliate work, family, school and other demands, deserve differentiated treatment. As much is truth that the proper legislator sapientemente it inserted in the legal text device that promotes this necessary and opportune differentiation – it has seen that the server who if characterizes consequentemente he characterizes the service given to the contributor. However, even so being a right assured in law (cf. art.

78 of the Law n. 224/1996 – Statute of the Municipal Public Server), now the excessively serving server-student only started to have priority before, in what it says respect to the vacation option, being able, at last, choosing the months that coincide with the period of pertaining to school recess, what, until then, he was denied to it for the corporation. This, yes, is an attitude of the managers of the GCMJG that is praiseworthy and worthy of register, deserving of us applause and recognition. She is necessary to stand out that the compliment and the recognition are basic if intends that correct actions and jousts are the rule and not it exception. Qui, when giving this example of justice, recognition and valuation, to the managers of Municipal Guarda of the Jaboato of the Guararapes, these also pass to recognize and to value the professionals who play with zeal and correction the functions and incubencies that them are affection, and that the compliment and the applause start to be current in our institution. ‘ ‘ We are of olho.’ ‘ A fort I hug blue-marine.