A company can avoid it very easily, if time answer the two simple questions: 'What are the aims and objectives of our marketing campaign? " and 'Which target groups we want to work? " By answering them, you will be able to avoid many mistakes and save a lot of financial and time resources of the company. Classification of media issues in general media classification cases is well described in classical textbooks on marketing and PR. However, we have set ourselves a more narrow task of classifying the media through the prism segment features b-to-b. Defining the parameters on which the classification will be, we must consider the scope of the company and its products. The following is the classification for the scope of b-to-b, which is based on the formal parameters as laid publication's readership, its subject matter and scope. 1. General federal business publications.

These include the top-rated papers 'Kommersant' and 'Bulletin', 'as well as business magazines, such as the' expert ',' Company ',' Money '. In order to effectively pabotat with these publications, you need a good understanding of who, for whatever reason they read and what impact they have, by virtue of its focus and reputation, will have on audiences. Undoubtedly, the impact of these publications to potential investors will be very great, and they will be key in the event that we are interested in investment-relations or in attracting potential economic partners. On the other audiences, for example, to potential customers or regulatory agencies (both public bodies and associations), they would rather indirectly.