Lewis Pitzer Coordinator

To your questions on the topic, are experienced specialists available, which you can find quickly and easily through Folie.de while natural disasters for the most part are inevitable, there are some things that can help to alleviate the immediate consequences. Recent events in Japan, earthquakes and tsunami, have fanned the debate over the use of security foils and splinter protection films, which can contribute to mitigate the consequences of such disasters, new. Security and splinter protection film can help to protect victims during a hurricane or earthquake directly from shards of flying or falling glass and shards of glass. Another danger caused by objects that are thrown off by broken glass disc and doors in a building, can also effectively become diminished. In Japan security and splinter protection film would have remained ineffective during the tsunami, but she would provide additional protection during the earthquake.

“Against the overwhelming power of water also security film during the tsunami in Japan would have used nothing. In the case of earthquake activities but safety film can certainly relieve damage, “says Lewis Pitzer Coordinator for special projects at American standard window film in Las Vegas, Nevada.”If laminated glass is applied, it can help in case of seismic activity or other breakage of glass, that the glass breaks safely.” Secure breaking of the glass means that the shards and splinters on the foil attached, instead of possibly becoming deadly projectiles. With additional anchoring systems, security and splinter protection film, shards and fragments stick to the, can be kept as a whole in the window or door frame. These solutions contribute significantly to a more secure building. “It may be that you want to prevent or to produce an opening in the building in case of glass breakage. Here brings security and splinter protection film clear benefits, if they tempered glass, such as the example Toughened safety glass is mounted. .