United Nations

Sarrazin theses demand answers as cause for a new discussion – renewable cash of Sarrazin and here is one. The design idea, the addition to today’s systems. We establish a world Central Bank, independently of all existing databases and name: “World basic supply fed” a long Word and a long way. The current world banks and central banks are not affected and will go to continue their work. We supplement the system with what’s wrong with him with: “More democracy, freedom and genuine added value for the community” and the worldwide. We finish this unspeakable, non-functioning solidarity system in which we give everyone what he needs, what he currently does not have.

Next is to start: the “world supply company,” who assumes entire works, bureaucracy, control and monitoring, the established world basic supply reserve, for its members, for such there will be. This company is financed by the “world power reserve”. World supply reserve and “World supply company” are a unit that is politically neutral added to our current systems. This supplementary scheme will set everything and solve all problems worldwide. The legislative responsibility for the establishment, remains and is always in the hands of the democratic elected parliaments of the Member States of the “world supply company,” all Nations on our planet are invited to participate, and as a member. No, they are called.

Become a member can any democratic country or political system which can join the human rights and the new environmental measures and standards, social standards, and it carries out. Human rights, environmental status and a great education plan for all free of charge, must be designed and poured into laws, which are binding worldwide. I call this: “Constitution for worldwide basic care for people and Nations”. The United Nations could be future-oriented and reorganized as a mediator and organizer useful. Of course also the United States (United States), China, Russia, the Emirates, the EU, the world’s religions, global organizations all.