The Discussion

And a uniform result is hardly in sight instead the surprises of the creative interpretations do not stop so the world on its head there is a small question just three words: what is reality? -Even every single person here has a different, individual response any age, any culture, wisdom teaching and science direction. And precisely a discipline vaunted for their particular objectivity, modern physics, spawned a whole new approach to answering these questions with quantum theory. Their insightful theses have now triggered a lively interdisciplinary discussion. Not a few scientists to evade the new idea however, because it all constructs built up painstakingly and dogmas suddenly standing on shaky foundations. Even thinking itself is at once to the discussion, because the (at)-erkannten dimensions of quantum physics are no longer detectable with conventional logical Denkprinzipien. We are clearly approaching the apparent limits of our thinking. “But is that a bad thing?” Or is it rather a Creative chance, to change our lives even from a completely different side consciously to perceive it? But not only the science itself changed her face and body; on top of that, also still quite amazing parallels to ancient philosophies, ancient wisdom teachings and religious beliefs can be drawn from modern personality research.

And that is probably one of the largest and most fascinating surprises. “Our reality is a first insight in the deliberate examination of the question: there is not” a reality reality is first created in the imagination of people thought rivers. You changed our ideas through our perceptions, our emotions, our thinking. What does that mean for us and the creative potential of our personality development? Our life is often influenced by principles, certain patterns of thought and behavior patterns that are based on experience and knowledge. We take universal Ideas and views in us constantly on and align our lives often thereafter.