Success Project Performance Management

Neil Stolovitzky explains to his white paper about how enterprise project portfolio strategies and project analysis can make the right decisions. Lindau, Germany; August 16, 2011 Stolovitzky discusses the importance of the project analysis in its white paper and sees the key to the correct project decisions in the aggregation and organization of project status reports and methods from the field of business performance management (BPM). Companies that want to improve their project analysis and want to introduce efficient reporting, get a brief insight into the range of project performance management with this white paper. “Stolovitzky is of the opinion that for example balanced scorecards” strict application provide good insight into the project activity. Balanced scorecards are from the range of BPM and refer to a system where in addition to the financial metrics and strategic objectives and relevant business content, such as customers or processes incorporated in the business strategy. As a prerequisite for a balanced performance management and analysis strategy, Stolovitzky recommends companies to clarify the following questions: how easy is the access to relevant project data? Are there any relevant data that are isolated from other data? Are the data centrally accessible? What are the main components of the project? The determining factors are resources or the budget? What objectives does the company? How are they measured? KPIs exist? What strategy is applied in the area of risk management? What tools to create what if scenarios “used? The white paper shows how a project portfolio management (PPM) strategy the first step can be made to identify a methodology of analysis. Feature the ambient frame addition, Stolovitzky sees in PPM a way to distribute the data that shed light on, could influence which hindered the project maybe hence the corporate objectives and KPI’s. According to Stolovitzky is the biggest challenge in the fast Access to data from different sources and disseminating them to the decision makers. By genius inside sponsored white paper offers assistance for companies that operate project performance management want to and available for free download available: whitepapers & DE_Performance