Present Marketing Knowledge

In the specific case of markets, one must have a management visionary, creative, innovative, with up-to-date knowledge of marketing, modern, capable not only of using the scope, implications of the modern technology that has been developed, but all matters concerning development, scope of computing, learn take advantage, scope of rational, electronic marketing, marketing one by one, CRM, and anything which has been derived from the new commercial openings, consider everything that offers international trade. Undoubtedly in order to collaborate in training, training of new professionals of marketing, universities, schools of management must be kept up-to-date as regards marketing, provide modern knowledge qye this feature developed and thereby ensure that their specialists provide programs, tools that guarantee results. Conclusion specifically, management markets in short, according to the present, must meet new features very according to the behavior of markets and know how to interpret the requirements demanded by the current scenarios in order to guarantee a good job, this must have human skills and techniques so much as conceptual, as well as behavior, implementation strategies, learn to negotiate, have evaluation skills that enable it to make decisions in situations that so warrant, be guaranteed of modern knowledge of the role of markets, be proactive. Taken into account, when referring to the field of the management of market, make them considering the importance of counting and properly handle technical skills, when the manager knows the methods and means for the implementation of task specific, this involves specialized knowledge and analytical skills, for example: know that sector of the population want to and directing the launch of a product or provide a service, through market research. Companies that don’t give it attention to new features of mercadeos are doomed to failure.