Marketing Strategies


Religious marketing relates the technique of the marketing to the custom of the religion. Concepts on the pentecostalismo; neopentecostalismo and charismatic that had been the 3 segments chosen for the elaboration of this research. How much to the religions they are presented its description and what they have made to firm themselves in the society. Through one restricted research of field to a minimum number of questionnaires applied in the city of Maring – PR where if it could analyze the religious profile and consider strategies for the success of the religions existing or for the foundation of a new doctrine. 1.1DEFINIO OF the PROBLEM As the marketing strategies influences in the absorption of ' ' fies' ' in the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring- PR? 1.2JUSTIFICATIVA What if it perceives in recent years, is that even so it seems antagonistic subjects total, the relation between religion x marketing if has become each more intrinsic time. When evaluating the practical ones of marketing inside of the religious doctrines are looked to understand what the same ones influence in the consumption habits, that is, what these make to generate public (fidiciary offices). The analysis in the way with that the consumer if holds cannot be excused in the relations of negotiation and decision.

The market dispute, the recent techniques and concepts of purchase and sales need efficient strategies in direction to the growth of the organizations. Being thus, the religious marketing is a way that the society uses so that the people start to search products and services that satisfy its necessities. 2OBJETIVOS 2.1OBJETIVO GENERAL To identify to the strategical actions of the marketing, aiming at to the absorption of evanglicos customers in the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring- PR. 2.2OJTETIVOS SPECIFIC? To identify to the tools and actions used for boarding of ' ' fieis' ' ; To search and to compare the aspects of involved marketing; Research with representative of the church Snow Ball; Application of questionnaire for the evaluation of the relation between marketing and religion.