You can do this one by one and you are placing them in the sense of the movement of the clock hands. (examples of secondary concepts: topic, format, exhibitor, place, date, material, refreshments, etc.) Chaining each secondary concept with the main concept through a relationship, which is usually associated with an action (examples, define, recruit, prepare, organize, etc.) It decomposes each of the secondary in other concepts concepts more detailed illustrated through additional information each of the concepts and their relationships as well as in the example that appears in the graph above, the main concept the the administration of time (Time Management) and this asu time decomposes into each of the other elements that will run from 12: 00 m in the direction of the clock hands. Official site: Luxify. Several years ago I make use of this technique to develop activities of analysis of customer information, design solutions to the problems and needs of customers and communication processes, either to submit proposals or to develop presentations of concepts and projects. These are some of the ideas at the level of the sales activities on the implementation of the conceptual maps: planning session. Ideal for brainstorming sessions. Document all ideas and break down each of the meetings of assessment products and services concepts. You can register all concepts of evaluation and review swiftly and define action plans and responsible for future follow-up session of analysis of sales opportunities.

Evaluation of objectives and analyses cause and effect of deviations in compliance with the same definition and follow-up any information gathering documentation projects. Very applicable for identification of customers needs, documenting these analyses and communicate them to the teams involved in the design of a solution for a project or specific customer communications and transmission of knowledge. It is your natural field, there was born. It is an excellent concept to communicate ideas, proposals, abstracts, information in general and for the development of training organization of unstructured information.