Management System CIS

IT for Innovation This project is about analyzing how IT can innovate business. In this project, you will: Identify a way of doing business by an enterprise from the traditional sectors of economy. Identify most cutting edge information technologies and their impact upon a selected business’ operations Predict how these information technologies may Improve business productivity and the market share Required Readings: Chapters 13, 15, 16 Project Requirements: Which Chose a business company operates in traditional industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, retail, transportation and so forth. Characterize the selected business in the following scope: a. Mission b. Product profile c. Annual sales d.Number of employees e. Productivity per employee (Sales / of employees) f. Markets (Local, National, Global) Explain how the Internet can cause disruption in the selected businesses. Explain how telecommuting can impact the business selected Explain how online meetings can impact the business selected Explain how remote the selected projects can impact business Explain how computer applications can impact the business selected a. Knowledge Management System b.Workflow Management System Explain how selected wireless communication can impact business Explain how selected iPhone can impact business Predict analyzed how IT can Improve business productivity and the market share Include Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary (1 / 2 page), Introduction (1 / 2 page explaining your task and a method of solving it), conclusion, self-evaluation by each team member, References. IT for Decision Making This project is about planning the requirements of a computer information system (CIS) supporting business functions. In this project, you will: Identify the main business function of a selected business Identify the CIS, which supports the main business function Apply a graphic model to plan an architecture of a selected CIS Define required attributes of the selected CIS Required Readings: Chapter 9,10,11,12 Project Requirements: Choose a company real or imagined and paragraphs 2.3 Characterize in one of its main business functions such as: a. Marketing b. Finance c. Service d. Production e. Supply Chain f. Accounting g. Administration h. Other Describe in general type of a Computer Information System (CIS) which supports the function chosen in section 1. Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12 should help you in this task.(1 / 2 page) Describe trends in developing a CIS chosen. What is now appearing in the literature about the CIS example you have chosen. Review Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 and the trends published on the Internet (1 page). Use a drawing program (Visio or Word) to create a graphic model as it is shown in Figure 1. In your case, apply the appropriate title of the main business function. The model shown identifies: manufacturing, but your function may be – by a restaurant serving meals. Then appropriately adapt other components of this system. Provide a name of the selected CIS by you and put it into the graphic model.