Male Depilation


They say that the man, the more bear, more beautiful. If despite the wisdom you’ve decided to take off any hair that you left over, we give you a series of tips that your goal is not over in nightmare. Before you start shaving you have to have very clear ideas not only of the parties where you gonna get rid of the hair, but also the method that you are going to use or if you want the result extends more or less at the time. If this is your first time, starts by any part of the body that is not much, more than anything if you see that the thing hurts – or what you thought? – and decide to throw you back and leave things as they were. Once you’ve already checked if it hurts or not, or that you’ll dominate cream, razor or knife, then you can move to more visible areas.

If you decide to get in the hands of an expert there are three very important: the price of the session, the reliability of the site and if catches you off near home or work. Do not give up on any of the three, gives equal to that there is a very cheap but pretty crappy site close to home or vice versa. Not all the methods are equally effective nor hinder the same way hair output. For example, if you are using any type of depilatory cream, you’ll see that hair begins to grow around two weeks while with the wax you can stop the process somewhat more time, around 3 or 4 weeks. Skin type also influences when choosing method. If you have very sensitive skin, flee from the blades and beware of creams.

If you have very blond hair or very dark or tanned skin, laser hair removal loses effectiveness. Creams that are sold in the market are quite effective, fast, easy to use and you do not irritate the skin, or at least in the majority of cases. However there are drawbacks as that hair will take little to grow back, that some creams leave a not very pleasant smell or that may cause you some reaction on the skin. If you’re a man and take the pain well, then your ideal method is wax, ideal for difficult as English or underarm areas. To make the most of each band wax, heat it thoroughly by rubbing between the palms, paste it into the body part you’ve chosen, paste it well, lets spend a few minutes and pulls strong. It hurts, eh? Now surely you understand women. Just remove the band of skin places the other hand over to alleviate some pain. Once you’ve finished epilating, it is best that you duches to sooth the skin and take off any remaining wax residue. And don’t forget to get a good moisturizer. Original author and source of the article