City Hall

Be an informed consumer before hiring one of them and follow these tips: the Spain is full of removal company. Today moving in Barcellona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla move. If you are moving to a smaller House, you might not need all you have. If you decide to put things on deposit either long or only temporarily, be sure to compare prices to pay for the most favorable and don’t forget to add these expenses in its general budget. If you don’t want to keep items in deposit, you can give them on consignment through a store’s local consignees, donate them to a local non-profit organization or a second hand shop. If you are moving to a larger House, perhaps you need to purchase additional furniture or other objects that did not have in his previous home.

Before running out to the Mall, write down a list and prioritize about what you would like to purchase for your new home. Make a list of things allows you to stay focused on what’s important. Change your House makes very excited, but we must also face certain problems, such as: paperwork, permits, packaging, clothing, the tableware, toys, notifications of changes of address, etc. The move does not mean moving everything that we have in the House. Select and sort out what will not be. Give tackle that do not interest to someone who needs it and but take out and call the City Hall. When it is time to move and started to pack us give accounts of the amount of things that were accumulated over the years and not even use.

Everything that has not been used in the past 6 months or if you want one year, not to be used more, leave it. Wear as little as possible to your new home. If you and your family are embalaran who, two weeks before the day of the move request to the company responsible for the transfer, boxes and all packaging items necessary to start the task.