Cecilia Rueda Leadership

The man that doeth them based on his leadership, will find abundant opportunities to lead in any way to life. Economic depression was prolonged, mainly because the world you leadership of the new style was missing. At the end of the depression, the demand for leaders who were competent to apply these new methods of leadership has exceeded demand. Some of the leaders of the old-style is reforming and adapted to the new style of leadership, but generally speaking, the world will have to find new wood for his leadership. This need may be your chance! TEN O’CLOCK major causes of the failure of the leadership now come to the main failures of leaders who fail; that is precisely as essential to knowing who not to do, as it is, knowing what to do.

1. INABILITY TO ORGANIZE DETAILS. Efficient leadership requires the ability to organize and dominate details. No genuine leader is never too busy to do anything, which might be required in his capacity of leader. When a man is leader or follower and admits that he is too busy as to change their plans or to give attention to any emergency, he is admitting its inefficiency. The successful leader must be the master all the details related to this position.

That means clearly, that he should get into the habit of delegate details to subordinates capable. 2. NOT BE WILLING TO PROVIDE A HUMBLE SERVICE. The real leaders, are willing to perform any type of work when the occasion merits, situation in which, they would say to another that play it. The greatest among you shall be the servant of all is a truth that all leaders able to observe and respect. 3 EXPECTATION OF PAYMENT SO YOU KNOW THEM, RATHER THAN WHAT THEY DO. The world does not pay the men for what they know. You are paid for what they do or induce others to do. 4. FEAR OF COMPETITION FROM THE FOLLOWERS. The leader who gives you fear that one of his followers can take place, it is virtually certain that sooner or later will be that fear. The capable leader, trains alternate which can delegate any detail of his position at will. Only in this way a leader is multiplied and prepares to be in many places and give attention to many things at the same time. It is an eternal truth that men receive more payment for his ability training to others instead of doing what you could possibly earn through their own efforts. An efficient leader can, through the knowledge of their work and the magnetism of his personality increased efficiency of others and induce them to pay more and better service from what they could surrender without your help. 5. LACK OF IMAGINATION. Unimaginative leader, is unable to meet emergencies and create plans which guide his followers efficiently. 6 SELFISHNESS. The leader claiming all the honours by the work of his followers, will surely find resentment. The true leader not claimed none of the honors. He is satisfied to see the merits when there are, goes to his followers that he knows men that more work will be by praise and recognition than only for the money.