Department Of Huila


Huila is one of the 32 departments of Colombia. The meaning of the word Huila: is of indigenous origin and means Orange. Neiva is the capital. Huila is located in sector South-West, privileged not only by its proximity to other regions of Colombia, but also for being part of the central mountain range, the cordillera Oriental of Colombia in the Colombian Massif source within its territory which is located within its territory, as well as the home of the Valley of the Magdalena riverprincipal Colombian River that was born in the Department of Huila. By its topography, Huila presents all thermal floors, from the warm in the Tatacoa desert until the cold ice cream in the volcano Nevado del Huila. The Department of Huila has a wealth of water, formed in the first place by the Magdalena river and its tributaries, the rivers Yaguara, La Plata, San Francisco, Suaza, Paez, Bordones, among others, as well as several lakes including laguna de Magdalena which gives rise to the river of the same name, within its territory there is a great wealth of flora and fauna, boasts several parks natural and attractive tourist of much importance for Colombia such as: template: Parque Nacional Natural Cueva de los Guacharos.

Template: Natural National Park Purace. Template: Los Picachos mountain range Natural National Park. Template: National Natural Park Sumapaz. The Archaeological Park of San Agustin. The high Park’s idols. The high Park of stones. In the municipality of Villavieja Tatacoa desert.

The Parque Nacional Nevado del Huila. The Salto de Bordones. The Strait of Magdalena. The Rivera.Su thermal relief is formed mainly by great the Magdalena valley enclosed between the Cordillera Central and East fork in its territory and then towards parallel north, giving it special features of limes can highlight the following physiographic regions: Cordillera Central: Purace volcano, Nevado de Huila. Cordillera Oriental: Paramo de SumapazParamo de Las Papas, area the River flat Magdalena.For several reasons, Huila is excellent for tourism, is the only Colombian Department which has 4 national parks. All climates and landforms can be found in these lands. In its entirety, in the Huila Department exposes the most powerful reasons to explore metro subway, and enjoy a spectacular and kindly nature. The diversity of natural scenery present in this Department allows travelers to carry out activities such as: ecological walks, horseback riding, Rafting, Kayaking, Canopy, watching birds, speleology, paragliding. Sightseeing Archaeological Park of San Agustin desert of the Tatacoa jump Mortinos and Bordones. Natural Park Cueva de los Guacharos. box of water. the Strait of the Magdalena dam Bethany the thermal of Rivera (Huila) in Neiva, is performed the Folk Festival and national Bambuco reign, with a duration of 11 days approximately; Since the time of the colony, in the Huila Department celebrates the Festival of San Juan and San Pedro, which not only constitute a great cultural show filled with music, dances and parades, but also remember the old traditions of this region of Colombia. How to arrive by plane: Airport Benito Salas located in Neiva, in which operate the main airlines in the country. They are 55 minutes of flight to Bogota. It is visited by many world travelers, highlighting the number of flights coming from Madrid and Barcelona every day. By road: Terminal ground transportation of Neiva, has routes and from different areas of the national territory. Original author and source of the article.