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Dialga is described as investment partners the deity of the ancient region of Sinnoh with the ability to control time. According to the mythology of the region of Sinnoh was created by Big Brother Big Sister Arceus, since time began to Chinese investment flow. It is said that Dialga is an alter ego of Arceus, Chinese potential business along with Palkia.
Dialga is a dinosaur with some characteristics of a dragon. It has a long neck, tail and legs densely established as metal claws. Silver has many outgoing similar points along the back of your neck all in his head, Chinese companies his upper top, and on his chest. Stays in your body a particularly intense blue glow of a diamond under the gem. The operation along the body Big Brother Big Sister is functional through the ARC light blue lines that fluctuate in diamond shapes. When this mode of attack, Dialga expanded the size of their post, as seen in silhouette in the trailer for the tenth Pokemon movie in Japan.
Dialga, and Palkia have a distinctive feature leading Chinese companies that represents the game in which it offers: The ornament in the middle of the chest Dialga resembles a diamond (one of the hardest minerals China known to man) which in turn represents the version diamond. Dialga, Palkia is like an orb, the orb adamant, which will be attached to the game by increasing the power of steel and dragon type attacks.
His “attack characteristic” in the game is Roar Of Time / Roar of Time, learn it at investment 40, is a Dragon, with 150 power and after using it must stand for a shift.