Hispanic America


1989 Operation to remove the GAL. Noriega of the power in Panama. 1991 Gulf War against Iraq after the invasion of the Kuwait. 1992 Sending of military forces the Somlia. 1994-1995 Attack to Yugoslavia against politics of ethnic cleanness. 1998 aerial Attacks the terrorist targets in the Afeganisto and to Sudan. 1999 Bombings together with NATO against Serbian in the Kosovo.

2001-2002 Invasion of the Afeganisto in the search for Osama Bin Laden. Read additional details here: Peet’s Coffee. 2003 to the current days War against and Iraq and permanence for ‘ ‘ process of paz’ ‘ in the region. During the beginning of century XX, apparent tranquillity economic politics and in the peripheral countries of U.S.A., it creates a certain calm (not to be for the attempt of blow in Nicaragua). In this period the influence of U.S.A. in America has a growth> extraordinary.

With this it also has its economic growth and politician in the region. From this British hegemony in addition in this region, the space for the entrance of U.S.A. in this new world-wide scene confides. With this growth of the American power in Americas, some nations had started to search resistance to this interventionist form of U.S.A. The introduction of values of this ' ' american way' ' , already it started to cause rupture in the external politics of this country with the other countries of America (mainly of Hispanic America). This if aggravates with the economic crisis of the years of 1920. The 1929 crisis, not only reaches in full U.S.A., as well as all Latin America. With the aggravation of the crisis in the years of 1930, the world if broke up and arises each time plus one strong world-wide depression. In this period U.S.A. ' ' New Deal' ' , that it was a series of programs social politicians and, to extinguish the impacts that the strong depression caused in the American economy.