Russian Geographical Society

Holiday Season 2010 at Sochi has officially opened! Permanent guests of note that with each passing year Sochi prettier, developing infrastructure of the resort, there are more new attractions. In connection with the upcoming Olympics administration of the city focused on the development of sport and active recreation in Sochi. Tourists are now welcome not only on beaches and in cafes, but also in the mountains of Polyana. Rafting, Jeeping, kayoning, paragliding, mountain hikes, horseback riding walks – try all of these extreme and exciting leisure activities tend to many vacationers. The main thing to remember in the pursuit of thrills and new experiences – do not go on a journey independently. Be sure to consult a professional instructor and guide. According to Yuri Dorosh, an organizer of mountain travel and a member of the Russian Geographical Society, an active vacation in Sochi, is gaining growing in popularity. Many guests of the resort, once having been in the mountains of Polyana, the next year come back again to try new routes.

The nature reserve of the Caucasus does not leave anyone indifferent. Rave reviews from travel and great photos – evidence of this. If you are going this summer on the Black Sea coast, take advantage of the unique opportunity to combine beach, sightseeing and active vacation in Sochi. In this unique location everyone can find adventure in his soul!.