Ramos Words

Until its process of discovery of the world of the words for the alfabetizao it is overwhelming, because it is born in this context and it discloses a pessimistic and disenchanted writer with the life. However, it is in this universe that Graciliano Branches goes to anchor itself is in it that the author discovers its valve of escape and in it dives, therefore with the acometimento of an illness made who it to be temporarily blind and imprisoned in its room, is that it discovers in the words the direction for its lasts and bitter existence. To the step that Sartre had in the figure of the grandfather its incentivador greater to become a writer, Pink Guimares finds in the library of Barreto Hieronymite, the magnifying of its horizontes it makes that it to awake for a different way to face the life. The writer is born with the support of Mrio Venncio and by means of this support, I free thanks to literature, part of infancy for the world of the adults and discovers in the art of manejar the words the way most efficient to aplacar the pain lived deeply for the desventuras of its life. Consideraes final What we perceive in both infancy histories, in the one of Sartre and of Graciliano Branches it is that the word, with its liberating potential, introduces the human being to a universe of discoveries and of felt of the life and if transforms into a facilitador in the relations with the world concrete and material. It is in them that both uncover open livings creature potentially and to become them in a future that can be harvested tomorrow. The discovery of the reading and the writing, as object of pleasure, reflection and change, finds in Sartre and Graciliano Branches a communicative reason that if guides for a solidary reason, in the measure where its writings translate the nature of what he is ' ' ser' ' human being in a society that for times if he shows cruel and desumana. In the words we find the alento and the stimulaton to a personal and collective change.

By means of them, great men and women had changed the destination of nations, of potentially imprisoned lives to the ignorance of that if he makes gift in mazelas human beings. To learn with the words and to teach require them beyond an intellectual ability, a sensorial sensitivity, affective, without which a professor (a) does not obtain to reach the most different levels and educational realities in a society. A society that if only guides for slogans is a society relieved to the manipulation, that instead of constructing great thinkers, constructs mere? robores? , repeaters of a reality that only becomes each time more mentally ill and unprovided of directions. The infancy of Sartre and Ramos was different how much to the familiar aspect, but it was equal in the direction of that in both, the words had become it exactly spring master for the overcoming of itself and of the world encircled that them. However, to save the word in the current educational context, to stimulate its discovery of pleasant, charming and revolutionary form, represents the best form to preserve the freedom, as well as it happened with Sartre and Graciliano Branches.