Project Manager

Project Manager Main article: Project manager Project management often is the responsibility of an individual. This individual seldom participates directly in the activities that produce the final result. Instead it strives to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of various parties so that the overall risk of failure is reduced. A project manager is often a client representative and must determine and implement the exact customer requirements, based on its knowledge of the firm it represents. The ability to customize multiple internal procedures of the contracting party and form of closer ties with selected representatives is essential to ensure that the key objectives of cost, time, quality and above all, customer satisfaction, are turned into reality. Regardless of the field, a successful project manager must be able to visualize the entire project from start to finish and have the ability to ensure that this vision a reality.Any type of product or service – buildings, vehicles, electronics, computer software, and financial services. – Can be monitored in its implementation by the project manager and its operation by the product manager.