November Coup


Fidelis Almada was nominated as commissioner of State for Justice, Seting Branches started to lead the folder of subcomissrio for Comercio and Artesanato, etc. In 1980 Cabral Luiz were put down by a coup d etat commanded for then general commander of the Armed Forces, General Bernardine Joo Sing to sleep Vieira. In 1975 the Guin-Bissau and Handle-Green had formed thus two separate States, what it puts an end in the union of these two countries. The section handle-verdiana of the PAIGC formed the African Party of the Independence of Handle-Green (PAICV) and on the other hand the Guin-Bissau remained with the acronym of the African Party for the Independence of the Guin and Handle-Green (PAIGC). Therefore thus it finishes the dream of the unification them two peoples and the project of the unit was marked as an imagination and nightmares.

The coup d etat of 1980 was a serial consequence of crises inside of the structure of the party since the period of the freedom of the nation. In accordance with (KOUDAWO 2001). In 14 of November of 1980, a coup d etat knocks down Luiz Cabral, the first president of the Republic. This coup d etat, that is baptizado Movement Reajustador 14 of November, is the result of a deep crisis, being that several of its causes date of the period of the fight for independence. It enters the factors most salient meet: the fratricidal fights of long date between the military section and the direco politics of the PAIGC; the contradictions between guineenses and handle-verdianos in relation to the project of binational State desired by the PAIGC, but have badly accepted and exactly badly lived by the populations of the two countries destined to the union; the born difficulties of the ticket of the theory of practical revolutionary State to the administrative one in a context badly prepared for this experience.