Infection Protection Act

The one who brings food and drinks on the market is responsible for the hygienic safety of its products. The Food Hygiene Regulation requires the introduction of self-control. In addition, the rules of the Infection Protection Act are observed. In particular, when selling food to the new EU directives require a special attention. Having a food stall must be cooled to a cooling of the goods. Furthermore, a hand basin with hot and cold running water, and a waste water tank is required. The exact configuration is regulated in DIN 10,500 ff. Each snack has toilets for staff and guests have readily available. Except you are every day in another place. For the provision of guest toilets exceptions can be made if you are offering eg no seating and no alcohol or consumption on public toilets to be cleaned periodically in the vicinity of your stand. Inquire about with the competent public order, whether special requirementsmobile stalls are provided, if a long time in one and the same place standing (eg connection to public sewers and water supply, grease traps, etc.). Several outfitters offer facilities catering to the online shop as well as Thuringian bratwurst. If one wants to implement a project that is needed for seed money in most cases. On conditions of KfW entry fee or micro-loans, and advises the CCI application formalities. Public loans must be obtained through the bank.