General Assembly


A commission of monetary, financial experts and economists, headed by Nobel Joseph Stiglitz and named by the president of the General Assembly, already has carried out a preparatory work for that meeting. That one is the good news. An effective measurement also would be to cancel the debt of exhausted countries. Because those debts have been paid fully and they were contracted with abusive conditions. The cancellation of the debt would allow the exhausted countries to have more resources without needing the doubtful aid the IMF. Before the final document, Juan Towers grants and ends that the conclusions of the summit could be commendable, but the means will be from little effectiveness, because the causes of the crisis have not been explained clearly. And without putting in the causes of the disease a miracle clear it only can cause that the doctor can cure it .

Nicholas Dearden, director of Jubilee Debt Campaign (Campaign To cancel the Debt), yes indicates what happens: Nor the most aroused in favor of the free market defends today that the globalisation has improved the lives of most of people of the planet. On the contrary, a system with inherent crises, that have fed levels on inequality without precedent, finally has colapsado . For that reason it is necessary to remember the saying of the Keyneses: the difficulty is not based as much in to develop new ideas, whatever in shaking old. Revolution? Perhaps not as much, but it is urgent to put the thorough bistoury or this does not fix nor God to it. Xavier Tamayo Sewer Journalist and writer Original author and source of the article.