Features Multiludica

We believe that implementing the system will allow a small revolution in the teaching and learning. If we consider the enormous savings of hours-teacher involved. Besides the fact that children will achieve a great mastery of mental arithmetic and all the goodness that comes with the system, while also considering such virtues (as demonstrated in countless pilots carried out) move including apprenticeships other materials (More alertness, better concentration, etc..) And if that were not enough, the child raises their self-esteem to new levels. We are facing a system that will undoubtedly bring huge benefits for children without hesitation. To date there have been many riders and courses that guarantee the fairness of the system. The age at which usually begins to teach the system are the seven years. But the child just enough to know multiplication table 5.

There have been cases of children aged 6 years who knew the table of five and learned to multiply until smooth table 20. Courses taught in all the results have been very satisfactory for the students and for parents. We then summarize schematically to show the virtues of the system: Features Multiludica .- 2.1 .- Multiludica learned as a game. 2.2 .- The child does not need to memorize results in no time. 2.3 .- The work is totally mental. 2.4 .- The goal is for the child reasons permanently. 2.5 .- Once you learn the system, child will never forget how to get the results.

2.6 .- His teaching does not punish or penalize the child at any time. By avoiding any rejection or blockage created by the traditional method. 2.7 .- It comes to dominate not only the table of 12 but 20. As nearly doubled the results. 2.8 .- The learning increases concentration, alertness and retention in children. Children with attention problems too distracted or fail to improve significantly. 2.9 .- This raises two very important positive effects: first the domain of the system greatly increases the child's self-esteem because it overcomes even high school students and on the other skills noted above transfers them to other courses to improve their school performance significantly. (Evidence of this effect are many parents) 2.10 .- His practice provides a fast and fun highly rewarding experience between father and children very different from the traditional rote practice torturous we all know. 2.11 .- The multiplication is a very abbreviated and it is the reverse of division. So your domain implies a significant improvement in both operations. I mention this because some parents say "but only learn to multiply" when other transactions are implicit. There is a video that demonstrates the effectiveness of the system:, look for us there as multiludica. What we want is to contact people and / or institutions wishing to support us to spread the system.