Deputy Administrator


By creating a website is necessary to understand not only what is a "domain" but also why and how to build a "subdomain." You can define these as smaller parts within a larger domain, therefore we can say that one – understood as the domain – you can have as many subdomains like. Usually, the websites are used by those pages very large and diverse content that require a certain number of subdomains to divide and better manage their content. This not only allows for a more professional look of the page, but also the user will feel that their access is more specific to the topic of interest. In addition, you can divide the responsibility that generates the entire domain, granting permissions for the administrator of each subdomain is responsible for these. It can access your own FTP server to provide every tool and implement minimal change or radical, but without authorization to enter the primary domain or, case, the other subdomains that form. The chief administrator of the self can access the primary domain and each subdomain created in him, and you can even monitor the email accounts of each Deputy Administrator since these are routed to a main account POP3, which is created on the primary domain for this purpose. To create a subdomain must follow certain steps: – Go to Control Panel – Select the menu icon that says "add subdomain" – Fill out the form you submitted for granting permits and confer specific properties to each subdomain and administrator. At the end of the subdomain will be within an email address that will at first the filename, then your page or domain and the final extension or money to be devoted..