Building Lighting

With the lighting of buildings interesting effects can be achieved to attract the attention of passers-by and give personality to the construction. If design, aesthetics, creativity and technique are combined with master lighting suitable for each building can be achieved. To adapt the lighting to the type of building and get the older lighting expectations, we must take into account if the facade is simple and functional or architectural, or friezes, cornices and decorative elements that they decorate it. Depending on one or another type, the lighting will be or not uniform: flat-looking or that enhancement games of relief of the building, thus highlighting the architectural volumes. Accentuate the brightness or give color to the building be achieved with lighting.

Light projectors are placed with great care to minimize the impact on the facade and achieve a lighting as suggestive as possible. You must perform the previous analyses and studies to calculate the ambient luminance level, this It will determine the needs and power light to make the building stand out. With projectors we can increase the luminance of the upper part of the building to achieve an increase of its apparent height, shadows unwanted projectors placed on the facade, increase the distance to the facade or leverage the effect of mirror on the water. These are some of the possibilities that we can accomplish with light in our buildings. Original author and source of the article