Arnold Schwarzenegger


Muscles of the lateral abdominal wall lie in three layers. Superficially located external oblique muscle, m. obliquus abdominis externus, deeper into it – the internal oblique muscle Belly – m. obliquus abdominis intemus, and the deepest position is transversus abdominis muscle – m. transversus abdominis. Action: Rotate the torso, the external oblique abdominal work as well in bending the trunk forward with fixed pelvis.

It is worth noting the importance and unique function of the transverse muscles – transversus abdominis, the abdominal wall retractor. On the training of the muscles will be discussed separately. Principles of training the abdominal muscles to achieve good results you need to create full conditions for , recovery and growth, as well as with training any other muscle group. Exercises for abdominal muscles can and should be divided into insulating and base, with all the priorities and consequences. Trying to build a press only isolating exercises daily performing thousands of repetitions will be no more effective than attempts to fashion a powerful pectoral muscles, performing five times a week for a thousand Push on the window sill. Powerful workout abdominal muscles totally be secured in 15-30 minutes, consist of 2-3 and 1-2 base isolation exercises, carried out not more than 1 every 3 – 5 days. Basic exercises for the abdominal muscles engage in work not only direct and oblique abdominal muscles, but also the lumbo-iliac muscles, that's the view of some famous coaches and stars of bodybuilding champions Coach – Vince Gironde, was awarded the Federation nabba title of "most muscular man in the world "in 1962, coached at the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger.