Turkey Ottmar Walter Team


According to the Herberger Hungary is the undisputed favorite. Previously, West Germany a few times already met with Puskas and company, and ends with not the best way for the German national team. So he decided to concentrate on an additional match for the exit in the playoffs with Turkey. June 20, 1954. Hungary 8.3 Germany Sandor Kocsis '3, '21, '67, '78 '17 Ferenc Puskas Nandor Hidegkuti '50, '54 Jozsef That Alfred Pfaff '73 '25 '77 Run Helmut Richard Herrmann '81 and now it is time " H "for Herberger In a further match between Germany won a landslide victory over the Turkish national team and made it to the playoffs. June 23, 1954. Germany 7.2 Turkey Ottmar Walter '7 Hans Schaefer '12, '79 Max Morlock '30, '60, '77 Fritz Walter Mustafa Ertan '62 '21 '82 Kyuchyukandonyadis Lefter quarterfinals. "Silver" Yugoslavia.

In the quarterfinals Team Germany upcoming meeting with a team of Yugoslavia. What is typical here, the German team was not the favorite (in 1952, Yugoslavia won the silver medal at the Olympics). 9 minutes Yugoslavs pleased opponent own goal, and then began a massive attack on the gates of the German team. West Germany squad acted solely on counterattacks, which went through the team captain Fritz Walter. So , the West Germany squad to cope with their defensive problems, but on 85 minutes in one of the counterattacks success Helmut Rahn, which meant – Germany in the semifinals.

27 June 1954 West Germany 2-0 Yugoslavia Ivan Horvat '9 (Avt.) Helmut Run '85 semifinals. Glitter bundestim. In the semifinals, the German team was waiting for a very strong Austrian team. The first half was a very hard fight and ended with the score 1:0. In the second half, finally flashed bundestim, showing stunning football. Fritz Walter scored 2 goals and was involved with the others. June 30, 1954 Germany 6.1 Austria Hans Schaefer 31 'Max Morlock 47' Fritz Walter 54 '(pen) 64' (pen) Ottmar Walter 61 ', 89' finale. Morale of German football. At the end of the forthcoming meeting with a well- already familiar to Hungarian national team. Beginning of this final match for the German national team disastrously: Puskas and Tsibor to the 8 th minute of the match built to supply two goals for his team. It is true that countermeasures were not long in coming. By 18 th minute account has already been equal. Tried Morelock and Run. However, the advantage of the Hungarian team was felt throughout the match, but Turek acted superbly in the last line of defense. Beat the Hungarians could not, and Here Helmut Run in 84 minutes scored a goal, which proved to be golden. July 4, 1954 Germany 2.3 Hungary 0:1 Ferenc Puskas 6 ', 0:2 Zoltan Tsibor 8', 1:2 Max Morlock 10 ', 2:2 Helmut Run 18', 2:3 Helmut Run 84 '