Little Space Projector

– Do you have a small meeting room? – Do you often spend a mobile presentation? – We need a projector for the booth? Then the perfect solution for you would be a projector with a short throw distance – it allows get a great picture even in a limited space. Such models are already in the lines of many of the leading manufacturers of projection equipment. It is important to know that the possibility of projecting a short distance achieved by using two different technologies: in some projectors use short-lens, the latter – are equipped with sophisticated mirror system. Projectors mirrors usually more expensive. Here are a few models projectors with short throw distance: Projector SANYO PLC-XL50 80 inch from a distance of only 8 cm Features news: – ultra-short-throw lens – the possibility of projecting on almost any surface light – due to special hull structure can be used in either vertical or horizontal position. The ideal solution for classrooms, meeting rooms and other small rooms. Projector NEC WT610 (WT610GE) 40 inches from a distance only 5.5 cm Features new items: – an innovative mirror system – manually adjust the color of the walls – two convenient handles for carrying. Possible applications include: a showcase at the front of hotel administration at the exhibition stand in the foyer. Projector Epson EMP-400W 60 inch from a distance of 65 cm Features new items: – ultra-short-throw lens – widescreen – feature instant on / off switch does not require time to cool after work. Suitable for mobile presentation: at the talks, seminars, trainings, and to use complete with interactive whiteboards.