Only a new perspective can engender new programmes and provide the necessary readjustments. As well as the political parties fall apart from the changes in the distribution of power. The struggle for change in education also has as a first stage to the school. For example tens of education, researchers and university teachers and educational administrators, are among the millions of people who are in the process of personal transformation. Not long ago, they have begun to link between them, at regional and national level with the idea of sharing strategies and be in favour of the teaching of what we all value most, with the development of freedom, hope, awareness, creativity and connections that lead to all this.

They are eager to share their findings with all colleagues who are willing to listen to them? There are many veterans of ancient movements in favour of humanization schools, which were successful to some extent, they learned a great deal, a new force is also new style of relationship between parents and educators. Teachers, administrators and school principals who sympathize with them, are working together, rather than confront each other. These networks have as allies to scientific research, we began to realize very clearly the unnatural that has been our educational method and the reasons why have obtained such poor results, if it is that he has been one. With the widening of channels of education, a formidable force able to alter their environments, competition comes into scene. Learning today occurs everywhere, in many forms: in the neighborhood, the domestic rally and in the sense that misses each situation, cooperatives of teaching-learning. In the manuals for self-help, magazines, computers, the FM, cassettes and television documents. The most powerful change factor lies, however, in the growing conviction of thousands of adults that their frustrations and gargantuan expectations come largely from his school education.