What Is Web 2.0 ?


Web 2.0 does not exist! You can change or crucify quartered All of what’s called the term – only the development of technology web. It is not a call we ordinary Maker 1.0, and electrical – 2.0. How many people I asked, nobody could operedelit concept of Web 2.0 (and I asked php and Perl programmers, web-designers). All the ‘plus’, which are listed in multiple laudatory articles – there has long been true in some other form. For example: – ajax, xml, json, etc. (Just before used frame and IFRAME) – Blogs (and you remember what Narod.ru – now call 5 differences) – rss (how many people are not from the web technology uses this?) There is nothing fundamentally new in using technologies that have existed previously. ‘ The term Web 2.0 is often used for advertising or as a buzzword for overstating the real cost of the project and the developers of self-worth in the eyes of customers. Also, different people understand this term is quite different things. As a result, professional environment to this term are very skeptical, because it is difficult to find fundamental differences from the usual Web 2.