The Bible

But God did not hinder them to have decision to disobey, gave yes to the order so that he did not make it, therefore the day who made would suffer the consequences of this disobedience, that was equivalent to be separate of God, that is, of the life, and would be in condition of death, separate of Its Creator and without its communion, because of the disobedience would take that it to know what it is I oppose the God and to contaminate it with the presence of badly that it of gradual form would be in. The disobedience happened first between the angels, the Satan started to have knowledge of the good and evil being seduced one tera part of the angels, convincing to disobey. Although not He has register of as It had access to this knowledge, knows to set that when knowing the evil it started to have plans that the will of God opposed, therefore it was the first one to disobey the God trying the evil and becoming this its form of being and existing. The Satan are the proper nimbleness of the evil as form of being, that is, a being badly for pleasure and condemned option and forever in this condition, God condemned thus it. The Bible tells that it changeds itself together with its ministers of angel of goodness or Light, therefore it knows what it is good and when makes wants it, but with the purpose to attract somebody for a trap and a deceit and to make it prisoner of its maldosas action. Thus the incredulous World lies in the malignant one. The man also knows the good, but he exactly has in itself the headquarters of the evil, and he cannot inhabit with God if this will badly not be removed of its being, that is, if it not to come back to the sanctity state that God only can operate in it of complete form.