The tarot is an ancient art, which is based on the wisdom of the arcana. They are emblematic figures, inspired by various characters present in all civilizations, and timeless validity. The tarot has taken these people and has managed with great skill to summarize them in what are the 22 major arcana and the minor arcana 56. We could say that every arcane Tarot reflects a distinct personality. This had already been observed by Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, a disciple of Freud. Jung had a particular interest for the paranormal, to whose study he devoted much of his time, and especially by the tarot.

During the Decade of the forties, Jung postulated his famous theory of the archetypes, and said that broadly speaking, the figures of the tarot respond to archetypes that are found in the human mind, and determine the way in which human beings interact with the world from the depths of the psyche. Thus, it is not difficult to make a parallelism between the different Tarots and different stereotypes that compose the human race. All we can associate to the Crazy, the arcane without number, with someone whom we know. A free, daring, soul who does not fear anything, giving permanently breaks faith vacuum, advancing without very clear what is the way forward, although known his wishes, and where advances. The hermit is another arcane of the tarot easily identifiable in any of the people that surround us. He is a person who despite being in the deepest darkness, you have a lamp that lights your way. Do not receive help from anyone, but light and wisdom will take you on the good path.

Who doesn’t know a powerful woman, whose words are tinged with truth, and that what she says is law? It’s a wise person of great intuition and knowledge of the human soul, which work with modesty, resignation and piety. It is the Priestess, another of the arcana of the tarot. Temperance also we often occurs. This Arcanum of the tarot shows an Angel, uniting two opposites of a complicated chemical formula. Is the one who knows how to combine opposites of things, and achieve the best in all situations. Who does not know someone who achieved transcendence through your work? Thus the correlation between tarot and the distinct personalities of the human being is evident. Listen with an open mind the message of arcana us become wiser people, and with a more accurate perception of our fellow. Jesus Torres Www. TarotAmigo. TarotAmigo10 com @ yahoo.