There are always people who know what is best for you, and who will try to convince you to follow a certain path. Or perhaps you think you are interested in a job because everyone thinks It is a great post. You might also think that you love to a particular job, then you realize that is not what you wanted already when you’ve got it. So before you do anything else, find information as you can about the job that you are interested in. Talk to your acquaintances and friends so that you submit to someone who works there and that you can explain a bit what is work. Remember that you’re not going to ask for work, but to ask them what they do, to be sure that you would like. Find out if you need additional training or develop some skill or in particular (and if so, start now), which activities carried out during a normal working day. Ask what you need to get an idea of how it is to work there and if you want to.

Make sure you speak with informed people, who know that is talking about. And above all, don’t let anyone tell you what is best for you, because nobody knows you better than yourself. Take your time to think about what really Do you want. 4 Design a strategy, a plan. Many people are dedicated to send your resume without rhyme or they are. If you clear what kind of work you want, do not waste time and energy by sending your curriculum vitae to the random. Selects the sites that match your interests, not you accounts to a just search method, test different options: temporary agency work, bulletin boards, newspapers, internet, ask your acquaintances, social networking (LinkedIn is especially useful) but not at random but focusing you on things that produce results.