General Santa Rosa

In a country where the lie reigns, to say the truth it constitutes the most serious crime. Congratulations, general Santa Rosa, for expressing what they think debrasileiros millions, is civil they or military, regarding the National famigeradoPrograma of Human Rights petista, elaborated for antigosterroristas, as Tarso Genro and Pablo Vannuchi.The text of the proposal totalitarian does not pass of a tripping attempt degolpe against the national institutions, that is: revanchismo against asForas Seted (for the proposal of the change of the Law of the Amnesty, to paraprocessar ' ' torturadores' ' , leaving of it are ' ' terroristas' ' deesquerda), against the Church and the family (entrehomossexuais proposal of marriage), against the right to the life (proposal of free abortion), against the free press (proposal of previous censorship) and against private apropriedade (especially of the ruralistas). He is proven: terrorist a time, terrorist always! Brasilia, 11 of February of 2010.Flix Maier