Gazzarrini Renascida

for the health of the son at least, but in hour where it received the notice from the death of the same, if recomps, were fed and given an agreement lesson to its: it had made everything what he could be carried through during the period of life of the son, could not be made absolutely more nothing for its son dead came back, in other words, Davi dedicated the son to it when still he had life in it. Certainly a great example for us all the life of Davi, since its adolescence until the advanced age, in special in the salmos that wrote praising the God and displaying the situations, nor good and always comfortable, that to its made it enemies to pass. I taste very of salmo 27:4, therefore it accurately reflects the attitudes of King Davi before Mr. and the clear vision that priority in asking for the God had of the importance, and searching of it, not only at the moment of the outcry and the order, but the objective clearly that he had the king in its heart and that in them is an excellent example: to every day search the God of our lives, so that let us have the possibility of knows-LO and to see Its Saint beauty! ' ' A thing I asked for to SIR, I will search and it: that Mr. of my life can live every day in the house, to contemplate the formosura Mr., and to inquire in its templo.' ' Salmo Davi 27:4 had courage, determination and humildade before God, therefore wise person who the prominence gotten in its way was originated for the power the holy ghost, asset in its life. This is certainly a great Biblical example all we to reflect on as we have walked with God! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing. It visits articles and books of the writer on the walked one with God in: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '