Focus On One Project At A Time

Often you feel overwhelmed because it works on many projects at once. Most projects should be able to generate income within 30 days of the initiation of it. If you work on four projects simultaneously, then it will take longer to make money. It is better to concentrate on one project at a time as they earn real money faster. In theory, if you work on four projects at once and each takes 30 days to complete then you must wait 120 days before you actually earn an income! Essentially, multi-tasking causes you to lose focus and momentum. Multiple tasks mean that you have a list of things to do.

For example, you start to work in a sales letter and then receive an instant message. It distracts and browse the entire Internet. At the end of day has not accomplished anything! This may cause a delay of many months before winning some money! Raise your hand if you read their emails more than three times a day … Not to mention the maintaining open your Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, to respond almost immediately every email that enters. Or the “Evil of Spam.” You know him? Some suffers from Spam, which refers to not being able to see emails in the Spam folder and must be deleted to keep clean even your folders.

Is being as an obsessive – compulsive who has a higher percentage than you think of the population. Well, in short, many things that distract us from what really generates value. I ask one question: When you feel even better? Just before a deadline! Most people achieve the greatest progress 24 hours before your site will be released because they are concentrated in this project. Use this concentration from the start worrying about a single project at a time. This type of concentration requires a little discipline, but achievable. Focus on one thing at a time so you can make money faster. In this way, you become an “achiever” and not just a “Initiator of projects.” The ideas may be the biggest distraction and can affect what you are doing at the time. The following factors will help determine what project focus: 1) Passion for the project 2) Return on investments 3) How fast can take this to market? 4) Is it a project that will give me money today or tomorrow? If you choose the morning, means it is a long term project and innovative. Then, stop other projects and retomelos later. Take 30 days to complete the project you have chosen. Be sure to make a public commitment. For example, do others know you are going to launch your website / product on a specific date. You will see that once published, no turning back or lose credibility. Repeat this process after completing your first project. If you apply this approach, then your first project will begin to gain momentum and allow you to make money sooner than expected. Thirty days Later, his second project will also begin to make money. Remember, test, adjust and improve their projects. Honestly this is one of the elements that I personally changed my life when I started to implement, so I hope to take it seriously and give him the same way that fruit that deserves to start implementing this technique so important , even more so to us marketers and Internet marketers are accustomed to taking on too many tasks at once.