The Presence

THE interview General aspects the interview is an assessment instrument. Complete data are obtained on the overall behavior of the interviewee and stands as a space unique and original, like a cut of the reality of the appraisee, that allows to estimate or infer, according to what is observed, will be like the behavior of that person in future situations. For the selection of staff, it is important to use a kind of interview which enables us to get the information we need, without therefore restricting the speech of the interviewee. The semidirigida interview is the most appropriate because it facilitates the interviewee go with freedom and the interviewer provide guidance, according to your needs, the course of the speech. Interview key moments: Can refer to three fundamental stages in the course of the interview (in the presence of the interviewee): the theater, the actual interview and closing. Theater: The theater tends to be the first instance in which we maintain personal contact with the interviewee.

Thus, all interviewer must have as its goal creating a conducive space for Exchange. Despite this, it is clear that it is not always easy to get it. As the intention of the interviewer is not visible, it is necessary to perform actions that accurately reflect what we intend. The theater is the moment in which we lay the foundations for the passing of a successful interview. As to put a machine in operation, e.g. a car, it is necessary to let your system take the adequate temperature, similarly need tuning gears of the link interviewee interviewer, to allow later information and relationship to flow freely. This first stage of the theater, consists of a series of coordinated actions that the interviewer brings into play, in order to create a context, a climate and a particular State of mood that favours the Exchange and therefore the assessment of the candidate.