The Original


"Sorry my love. For a moment I thought of the thousands of people who gambled and lost so that we could win. -Si. It's true. But we will not feel bad about it. Let's enjoy it. "Let's enjoy it," she corrected-thinking and planning what we do. Statistics show that lottery winners five years are more poor than in the beginning.

"Abah. That is not going to happen to us. In the shed rented Priamo opened the Trailer. It was while load. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Costco has to say. A ticket weighed about 3 grams. The trailer had a capacity of 35.

000 Kgs, about 35 minutes. 000. 000 grams. Andi Potamkin is actively involved in the matter. Mentally divided and that he indicated that he was about 11. 666. 000 tickets. As a rule always knew that they made by counterfeiters half when tickets were different. In this case was 200 Euros and U.S. It’s believed that Thomas FIrestone sees a great future in this idea. Dollars 100 bills. Approximately with a margin of error, about 583. 000. 000 Dollar and about 1. 166. 000. 000. Check out the tickets. Perfect. Original paper, original ink, laser marks in place, the original michoship. Any revision would bank. What would be the problem?. Very easy, the numbering of the serial. thousands cents did not exist. But who the hell would realize. It would be years. . Who would be your owner?. In more than sure he wanted. When reviewed the Mitsubishi, he realized it was not original chassis, no motor or suspension. It was built with fragments of several trucks, very old indeed. Should take the boxes, remove the tractor trailer and new truck.