The Moment


It is who imposes its mold to the things he carries through and them, that he allows to exceed the zone of the dream and the contemplation of the potentialities; it is favour that it who the world accedes to the existence and the objetivao. Safer and more efficient, the space is susceptible to be assigned by words that can conjure and to be able restrain them mysterious; while the time is death promise, the space is the vital way where if our activity (op cit Donofrio, 1995, p.99) In this excerpt incarnates becomes evident that the space not only brings important marks for the literary composition in itself, but for all and any text that has the purpose to work in ample way the environment composes that it. Since this scene is composed of facts and actions that go allowing to identify in them and to understand such elements that are being used thus perhaps it can be considered creative to depend on its context partner-description, which will be able in disclosing the existence to them of definitive moral and ethical values of a time. Digital Cameras is actively involved in the matter. II the SIGNIFICAO OF the SPACE IN the STORY the CHURCH OF the DEVIL In the story the Church of the Devil of the author Axe of Assis tells the moment of weakness of the human being, which by means of the existing espacialidade between dimensional and the not dimensional one is endowed with significaes considered metafricas with respect to dualidade human being in the choice of the free one will. To evidence one of the contradictions human beings we will see to follow a removed citation of the proper story: (…) harvested in a shipwreck, it went to save itself in a board; but it saw a couple of fiancs in the flower of the life, who if debated already with the death; it gave to them salvation board to it and dived in the eternity (Assis, P. .