Javier Mejia Library


He is not something obligatory, clearly. But already they will see how they run to finish his food for entrar”. During those minutes, she programs activities different from reading, music and video.7. The new technologies are allied and it is not necessary to put to compete to books with the computers and the Internet. He is key to count on digital resources, but once they have themselves, not to leave them to the drift, but to accompany the readers to that they learn to read in the network.

” In opposition to which many think, to read in Internet also is leer” , afirma.8. The family parents are important part and is advisable to involve them with the library. Njera carries out with them a program that is called ” reading in hogar” with great welcome. The papas go to the library and take to books in loan to his casas.9. To create a bond between the library and the readers.

That it is a place where all coexist, without differences of age, sex or level social.” The scholastic library is an exercise of calm coexistence – Claudia- says. There I forget that I am professor and I establish with the students a confidence relation, obvious within the respect mutuo” to me; .10. Librarian and the school must manage what they need in particular, books, furniture, place. If they require books, can be by means of donations of publishing houses or aid of foundations, for example. It works to have a library committee – director or director, professors, parents of family and the librarian who decide on the search of bottoms and the urgent subjects to try. And a bond: the scholastic library is not a personal project of the librarian, but the project of the school. And that the responsibility is with all the students. Compiled By. Javier Mejia T.