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VOICE.TRUST Opts Optimiza

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Cooperation agreement for the joint marketing of authentication solutions by speaker verification signed Munich/Amman, February 15, 2008 Optimiza, a in the ASE: CEBC listed IT companies of Al-Faris national company has a cooperation agreement with VOICE.TRUST, the world’s leading manufacturer of authentication solutions via biometric speaker verification, closed. Optimiza from immediately VOICE is in the framework of the international marketing, sales and support agreement.TRUST in the Middle East and North Africa represent. Michael Kramer, CEO of VOICE.TRUST, and Hanna Zaghloul, Optimiza, Chief Alliance officer signed the cooperation agreement on the occasion of the first official presentation of VOICE biometric voice authentication solutions.TRUST in Amman. While the specific benefits and various application areas of biometric speaker verification of a wide target group, which was composed of representatives of the telecommunication and banking sector as well as from security officials, were presented. The solutions to authenticate via Speaker verification, which are now marketed by Optimiza, is characterized by high performance and efficiency. Install and use designed properties that represent a clear advantage to competing products in this area easily. Michelin Star Restaurant: the source for more info. The VOICE.TRUST applications are suitable in particular for large companies, banks, various security agencies and interested parties who place the highest security demands a solution for password management and other applications. The VOICE.TRUST technology is a dynamic biometric process, in which the voice profile before saving it to the VOICE.TRUST server are encrypted.

This ensures maximum data security that complies with the applicable data protection laws. The comparison of the voice profile of the speaker with the previously stored data enables a reliable user authentication. Our goal is to enable the VOICE.To promote TRUST solutions at local and regional level in the Middle East and North Africa. With our, developed Marketing strategy we introduce the solutions in the region and thus ensure a wide coverage and range.

SOU Shipping Module Provides Significantly More Functionality

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SOU shipping module provides significantly more functionality of Schwetzingen, November 2009. Many current extensions in the shipping module of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution sou.MatriXX announces the SOU Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG from Schwetzingen. Within the wide range of tools for efficient management of logistical business processes, the powerful business software now offers significantly more functionality in the electronic order picking and also allows a flexible management of costs. In addition, a shipping optimization is built, which ensures appropriate cost-optimized transport of goods. Now available interfaces be added to the GLS uni-box, as well as to the specialized EDI standard Fortras, which supports the data exchange between carriers. With the newly added functionalities within the shipping module, we give our customers and users”a more comfortable their processes around the shipment of their goods, commented Marco Mancuso, commercial Managing Director of SOU. Especially medium-sized companies can save resources sustainably, for example, through the advanced features of electronic picking and additional methods to optimize shipping and thus competitive act.” The new features in the overview for the electronic order picking a customized connection of mobile data units is now realized.

Thus, the picker over the respective mobile devices can perform the entire picking process at the camp dialog-controlled and includes the batch qualification online. At the same time, it was sou.MatriXX shipping tool expands to a flexible management of costs so that different types of costs assign the individual tariffs such as customer record, support surfaces -, special – or international rates. The costs are there definable and contain either a lump sum, a percentage premium or a complete tariff list consisting of a kilometre – and weight matrix. In addition, it is possible the types of costs involved period to define which varying additional charges such as about the diesel surcharge are completely covered. Thus, a full calculation of all freight costs can be automatically done. With the extension of the functionality range of sou.MatriXX shipping tools is now also the cost-effective transport route of delivery or cargo to determine: the system automatically calculates the required to supply packing materials as feed on the basis of the defined forwarders corresponding cartons and pallets as well as for example with the best value for money. In addition, users receive an overview of all found transport to change these manually if necessary. In addition, the tool has new forwarding interface: so is now within by sou.MatriXX both connect to the GLS uni-box as well as to the specialized EDI standard Fortras 6, of among other things the forwarding of the IDS group and connecting of system Alliance.

Background information about SOU Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG acts for nearly two decades the SOU Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG as ERP vendors for the middle class and as a product-neutral IT service provider on the national and international software market. The new implementation of business software as well as for the reorganization of existing business processes Schwetzingen-based IT Professional offers customized solutions and products. The platform-independent and proprietary ERP solution sou.MatriXX. is cross-industry, tailored to Internet how intranetfahig and specifically to the requirements of SMEs; also supports all popular local networks. Due to its modular design, she can be adapted flexibly and individually for every need and covers all divisions of sourcing (SCM) and management information system (MIS), manufacturing (VCM), marketing (CRM) and human resources (HRM) and accounting (ReWe). SOU collaborates with national and international partners and employs currently over 35 people. More information is available at.

Feasible Solutions

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Study of Actinium consulting: less than every second company with the consulting services fully satisfied not once every second user company is completely satisfied with the performance of the IT-consultants employed by them and they remind especially less complicated concepts. Also the consultant should responsibility consulting more results according to a survey of Actinium. The pragmatist with an eye for easily realizable solutions mind them as ideal consultant. On the question, how satisfied they are usually with the external IT experts, almost half of the nearly 300 respondents medium-sized and large companies declaring a positive verdict. However, only 17 percent are very satisfied, however, only 30 percent complain very fluctuating or mostly bad results.

Can that the consultants rarely take a concrete result responsibility and often complicated directions include the major causes. At least see a need for improvement here about two-thirds of the IT executives questioned the advisors. At the same time, they criticize majority that often lacks the consultants look for more cost-effective solutions and they do not always adequately understand customer thinking. Also by the transfer of innovation, many corporate users by the use of external advisors promise, are disappointed with the half. Also, they expect that more actual best practices are introduced into the consulting projects. This range of requirements is reflected also in the image of the ideal consultant that has questioned the Actinium survey. Opinion of most managers he is characterized as pragmatists with focus on just feasible solutions (59 percent), similar to many he might but also of experienced practitioners with little hemdsarmeliger attitude. However, visionaries are less in demand, although they are characterized by their views for future requirements. Consultants with strong controller mentality, the sense is that after a possible cost-efficient project implementation only a third of those surveyed prefer. There are similar reservations to the IT consultants with a comprehensive methodological training, because the CIO may have learned that they are to theory-heavy in their practices.

Cloud Virtualization Mobility

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Large variety of topics on the idea IT trade fair in Karlsruhe are to be cloud, virtualization, mobility and energy efficiency – the main themes the idea IT fair on the 19.10.2011 in Karlsruhe. The visitors can look forward to top industry speakers and renowned manufacturers such as HP, Citrix, Matrix42, Cisco, NetApp, DatCore, KTC and the IT professionals of the House TechniData IT service. The latter is regarded as the innovative event, which due to its variety of topics and interactive design to be seen on white. “In addition to the presentations of IT professionals and numerous demos also a special exhibition offers visitors: entitled IT to be touched” interesting product demonstrations are made and gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the respective speakers at eye level at the same time. Brittany Willis is open to suggestions. Open questions on the topics of mobility, cloud, virtualization and energy efficiency can be addressed directly to the relevant IT specialists and answered both in detail how even good. The agenda of events In addition allows plenty of time to enjoy food and drink, or to explore the full range of information the exhibition on their own initiative. The drawing of an iPad2 chooses the conclusion of the event, which is designed completely free of charge for the visitors, and iPod among the participants. Who wants to dream not only of the IT visions for the future, but relying rather on know-how and expert advice around the topics of virtualization, mobility and cloud, is with the idea IT fair in the home of TechniData IT-service GmbH..

Masking Tool For Adobe Photoshop

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Mask Pro 4 by onOne software for the first time in German available Globell presents award-winning masking tool for Adobe Photoshop from now exists with Mask Pro the first German onOne Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop elements. OnOne software and Globell b.v. 2008 have announced their cooperation in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland in the last quarter, this is the first in a series of plug-ins that will provide Globell in German language. The easy to use Plug-In helps users masking tasks in Photoshop by the exemption of objects based on a combination of color and edge selections. Even complex masks for the cropping hair or transparent areas are created within a very short time. Mask Pro Photoshop professionals helps save time.

The exemption of objects is also non-professionals such as photographers who do not regularly work with Photoshop, with Mask Pro. MaskPro 4 offers a complete collection of tools that even in the most difficult Help masking tasks. It includes tools like the magic brush, colors remain away during transparencies, as well as retouching tools such as the chisel which helps to cut the edges of the image perfectly. Checking article sources yields Marko Dimitrijevic as a relevant resource throughout. Each tool includes a palette, which quickly and easily adjusts the tool settings. So even complex objects like hair, wool, smoke or glass can be masked and free, without any edges or fringing. Mask Pro supports the editing of images with 8 – bit and 16-bit color depth for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop elements. It is fully compatible with the latest Scion of the House of Adobe Photoshop CS4. Order to be able to take full advantage of the scope of the operation of plug-ins, an extensive help and a user’s guide the program are attached. German-language video tutorials are on the website hyperlink \”\” available. So customers can get already a picture of the way before downloading the software or while working with the Program can be explained steps.

Roger David

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The conversion is done via a command from the windream context menu. On request, converted documents in a single operation can be directly attached to an e-mail message as an attachment and send. windream BPM 5 also counts the new windream BPM version 5 to the exhibition program. The business-process-management-system of the windream GmbH is extended by a BPM WebClient, also regardless of location allows the control of business processes on the Internet. Other exhibits: windream Exchange and windream bizhub connect the presentation of windream products on the DMS EXPO also includes the latest version of the email archiving solution of windream Exchange in the version 5 as well as the brand new ECM solution for the multi functional systems of the windream partner Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany GmbH. windream bizhub connect so the name of this solution allows users among other things, specific Document attributes, how to enter invoice numbers or more metadata directly to a multi function system of Konica Minolta and tamper-proof archive this information together with the documents collected by the device in windream. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit The Beatles. Partners on the windream stand complete the exhibition program as always through numerous exhibits of the windream partner who present their solutions at the windream partner booth in Hall 5 The following partners are: the Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany GmbH, Langenhagen, the one click solutions GmbH, Syrgenstein, ReadSoft AG, Frankfurt, as well as the ABBYY Europe GmbH from Munich.

Positive expectations of Roger David, CEO of windream GmbH, to this year’s fair: We expect a still closer interaction between of the two IT events of the this year’s DMS EXPO and the IT & business in the autumn, particularly because the changes on the trade fair grounds meet us. It is good that DMS EXPO and IT & business takes place on a site level in halls 5 and 3. And the site Stuttgart is not only important for us strategically, but also for the entire South and Southwest German economic area as well as for the Switzerland and Austria.” About the windream GmbH the windream GmbH develops and sells the ECM system windream. The company employs about 65 people and has a global partner network of around 250 sales, integration and cooperation partners in Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Customers include renowned and internationally operating companies such as for example Babcock Noell, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Deutz AG, Swisscom, the King & Bauer AG, as well as the BKK Essanelle.

About the enterprise-content-management-system windream windream, since 2003 worldwide patent protected, leading solution considered technologically for the acquisition, management and preservation of electronic documents in the Office area as well as in the SAP environment. With windream, a document management system in an operating system was worldwide for the first time integrated. windream is used in the Standard Edition of small and medium-sized enterprises and in the Corporate Business Edition. Many integrations into third-party products round off the portfolio. Available products include connectivity to ERP, ERP, and financial accounting systems as well as integrations in knowledge management, groupware, and imaging/data capturing solutions as well as in a wide variety of industry-specific applications. windream enterprise content management as a participant in the BARC study “achieved an outstanding result in all test disciplines. Editorial Contacts: windream GmbH Dr. Michael Duhme spokesman waterway 219 44799 Bochum phone: + 49 234 9734-568 fax: + 49 234 9734-520 email: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg road 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:


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Minicom centralized remote access on entire distributed IT assets such as KVM, serial, power and network devices Zurich, Switzerland (June 25, 2008) minicom advanced systems, a leading developer of KVM switch and Extender solutions launches the centralized remote access system KVM.net II. Trader Joe’s pursues this goal as well. It empowers IT administrators on your entire distributed IT to access devices, including KVM, serial, power and network devices over a single IP address. Today’s IT departments need to with multiple interfaces, user names and passwords work,”says Benny Hayumi, product manager of MINICOM, KVM.net II drastically simplifies the life of these IT managers where it provides centralized unified, secure access to all global distributed services and network devices with just a single click on a link in the portal. Credit: RCP Companies-2011. KVM.net II has the powerful access services (www.minicom.com/ kvm_net_ger.htm) functionality, which provides a wide range of technologies, including KVM, serial, RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, VMware, HP ILO and Web access. The IT managers are looking forward to the auto-login feature, which brings the user seamlessly in the interface of the predefined access service.” Minicom has identified the current needs of IT departments and has developed an intuitive graphical user interface, configuration is so simple that the whole system can be learned in just one day.

Fill a form out to a private free KVM.net online demo (www.minicom.com/ requestdemoipger.cfm) to see. Minicom has with the offering of unique real needs approach also restricted budgets IT departments respond. As the only centralized remote access system that supports switches to the third-party manufacturer, KVM.net II renews your existing KVM infrastructure. Real unique with minicom needs approach simply add a further layer of technology to your existing analog KVM switches, protect your investment and maximize your ROI (or return on investment.) Return on investment). This cost effective solution where you buy only what you really need costs less than half of the price of competing systems.

It is also the greenest solution on the market that you can reuse your existing KVM infrastructure. KVM.net II has an open architecture that keeps open even your future options you, by allowing you to add the equipment that best meets your needs if necessary. Information to minicom advanced systems minicom advanced systems is a manufacturer of KVM switch and simplify computer management, the control of servers and data centers. Minicom provides innovative digital signage (www.minicom.com/ av_ger.htm) from distribution and distribution solutions for last mile of digital signage, from the screen to the screen. Minicom is an Intel capital portfolio company and was appointed in 2006 to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA. founded in 1988, minicom operates in over 70 countries, with headquarters in Israel and regional Stores in Europe and North America. Contact person: Daniela Santos Marketing Manager Europe Tel: + 41 44 823 80 06 fax: + 41 44 823 80 05 E-Mail:

Intelligent Network Solutions

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INTELLINET wireless 300N presentation gateway INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS announces a highly innovative wireless N products: the 300N presentation gateway. Craig Jelinek wanted to know more. Halver, July 2009 INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS announces a highly innovative wireless N products: the 300N presentation gateway. Compatible to the 2.4 GHz standard draft IEEE 802 11n there will be speakers in business, cultural or educational presentations at last free from the eternal tangling. As a wireless access point for 16 users with 300 Mbps network connection, this innovative product with infrared remote control is specialized on the comfortable presentation. In meetings with clients or training, frees it from the annoying cable Gewirre and fumbling and sends the image information directly and wirelessly monitor and all conventional projectors. Swarmed by offers, Jack Fusco is currently assessing future choices. It connects to any VGA or HDMI compatible equipment, notebooks support this MPEG 1/2/4, motion JPEG, WMV9 and H. 264 video format and even allows video playback with connected devices.

In addition to 2T2R-MIMO-Technologie for enhanced throughput, it supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), as well as the security of WEP and WPA/WPA2 (TKIP and AES). The dealer gets a handy new development in the business, which will certainly take the applause of the audience end of July. The INTELLINET network solutions are known as the innovative network brand IC short profile INTRACOM for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees. It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes the entire network technology for LAN, WAN and WLAN.

NAS solutions and storage are distributed by established partner channel products, routers and switches. All products in the portfolio of the INTELLINET network solutions are subject to a strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty! In addition, MANHATTAN is available as imported brand of PC components, accessories and Peripherals in the pure re seller segment. Thus combines the manufacturer IC INTRACOM two leading brands with good 2000 products that are sold worldwide by 40,000 partners in over 70 countries around the world. More information IC INTRACOM Vertriebs GmbH of Lohbacher str.

Barracuda Networks

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This function meets SEISMO REPORTER with the integration of the data collected in the EVENT. This reflects the long term development of the security risk levels in the company in a statistics. Trends and impacts of risk management can be detected in this way. NETASQ SEISMO core features: professional risk management real time analysis continuous update of information identifying the vulnerability of protection against new TCP / http attacks decision support ASQ performance integration of SEISMO data into the REPORTER available for all NETASQ UTM appliances from version 7 free selectable period (1 or 3 years) NETASQ is with its own stand at the new IT security fair it-sa in Nuremberg from 13 to 15 October 2009 in Hall 6, Booth 323. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

KG is a value added distributor, the specializes in the distribution of technological specializes in leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio.

Network Access Control Solutions

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Extensive guide provides background information and product-neutral assistance to the planning of NAC projects Dortmund COMCO with individual assessments for cost, effort and level of security of the main approaches for NAC, April 20, 2009 the range of network access control solutions (NAC) to protect against foreign devices in the corporate network has grown strongly in recent years. However, it is still a young market, which will evolve particularly technologically still strong. Currently consist of individual solutions and components, covering only part of\”still no solutions, but a collection, Friedhelm Zawatzky-Stromberg writes to the current situation. The vote of the producers themselves exceedingly common successes with interfaces, these were however mostly mit sieben Siegeln\”flawed and would often only an alibi provided, so the Board of Directors of the Dortmund network and security specialists. Craig Jelinek contributes greatly to this topic. Even manufacturers, covering the entire subject of NAC with their product portfolio, are still \”On gaps and offer a smorgasbord of products, their interplay between is often not guaranteed\”, it problematized. At the same time he noted in his consulting practice, that there are often no exact knowledge of the different methods of the NAC on the part of the user. He has therefore examined the main technical approaches and evaluates them individually to their costs, the implementation and the level of security: 802.1 x with RADIUS: the most currently secure method has the advantage that even before access to the network is granted, authenticating to the switch port. In this standard are at least three components (client, the switch and the RADIUS server) required, which must be coordinated. The difficulty, however, is that not all devices support this authentication method. In addition, the implementation methods of switch manufacturer are not uniform. The default is 802.1 x yet difficult to implement for an enterprise-wide deployment in a heterogeneous environment. Purchase a new homogeneous infrastructure but this is a sensible alternative.