Shopping Dependence

"Buy, buy!" – Not by accident appeared to modern psychiatry, the term "shopping dependens – shopping addiction. Even in the "overdeveloped" countries, people are running around shopping like crazy. It may seem that for them the most important thing in life – something to buy, and the worst – too late to sell. Contact information is here: Jack Fusco. Not to go umakazhdomu buyer is useful to recall the things that are not sold and not bought, but are important for everyone not to less than any, the most successful acquisition. With this purpose we publish material on one of the most mysterious of concepts of classical psychoanalysis – "a sense of the ocean." It's the same feeling and attitude, about which Laugh sexologists say: the man is healthy for ten minutes after intercourse. Only we must bear in mind that not every post! Of nostalgia for the feeling of the ocean people change their sexual partners, professions, countries, religion, become drug addicts, poets, revolutionary leaders and readers of women's novels. Continue to learn more with: Secretary of Agriculture. Pull over to the good and listen to endless fairy tale – that's what he wants each of us more than anything else. The very essence of this experience is that it is the opposite of feeling whatever it needs and feelings of any kind had its own separately from the rest of the world. Complete dissolution of all – that's what the feeling of the ocean. Before how this world decisively split into individual objects, the feeling of the ocean was the norm.