PPK Years

It occurs with another denomination, with another name. And who are their main spokespersons? The people in your party? No, the Communists of all fur, of 40 years ago, they scramble to return to the Velazcato of ago 50 years, and today are their principal spokesmen and standard-bearer in how much television there. Last night Mr Linch, what is it saying? That range has been forcing things, and that if he is coming to the Government, will go to a referendum. I.e., exactly the same system, that belt began to continue taking as a model to Venezuela right? then: A party that has lost identity, a party that has which womb for rent to its main protagonists in the parliamentary lists, recycled or not recycled, people come with another letterhead, come with another coat, lamb, but they are the same wolves yesterday, of the Velazcato. At a time when the Lord Javier Diez Canseco wanted to say was that if Humala did not respond to questions, as if he (Humala), had asked Toledo about Sarai.

Javier Diez Canseco wants to compare Sarai with the Andahuylaso or thing of my mother? I think that point of comparison there is no. Luis Bedoya de Vivanco continues saying: there are several statements Javier makes Ten Canseco and that within the very typical style of them, they do not respond to the truth. Firstly to sustained that no one speak of corruption, and the fight against corruption. And if someone was very clear in speaking for example of cumulative penalties for crimes and corruption, it was PPK. Second place tells PPK what businessman, and that he has hidden companies. People such as financial planner would likely agree. He not has hidden never nothing, because there’s nothing wrong occurred.

It has nothing for which to repent. It is a clean and transparent man. I want to turn to the topic, because I do not fall into the game of Toledo. knowledge. Toledo should be beating palms, before this table. To see that there are two people that sell fear to Ollanta Humala, because he is who wants to present itself as el salvador. And I want in that regard, noted the following: I ask the voters, this Sunday to give a vote of conviction, assertion, by the candidate who believe. This Sunday we will not elect a President. No candidate will reach the half plus one of the votes. As a result the presidential election not playing this Sunday. If not, those who they pass to the second round. Ollanta Humala, 5 years ago, was a similar scenario, 5 years ago discussed who passed to the second round, Ollanta Humala, was virtually assured, and passed with 34%, today has 27%. Today represents less risk and danger that 5 years ago, we are not then induce fears, and give votes precipitated by fears. Interesting appreciation; because it can be that all means of communication enabler to Toledo, be implemented according to the polling, and upload to Humala, so people think that Toledo is salvation.