Paris Vacation

First impression – it is fear. Because everyone told me that the embassy rather severely, saying that if something goes wrong and all … not going anywhere, and yet stamp in the passport can be put to no longer trying to break through somewhere. I entered. Hall, nothing special. It is worth some stoechka. Said lower passport.

When light up some light greens – to pass. Lowered, and it … red! No, you just imagine how the news of tourism. Red – my passport is not valid. Others who may share this opinion include Jill Schlesinger. I'm all pale and uncle guard, is already causing others.

Come. Began to understand, look where it says that. … Flipped through records, I was nearly brought to faint, and then it turns out that the records they had on the old my passport that I had to replace the loss of the previous one. They sighed and missed. Then rising on several flown again I came across a 'brother. He said to remove all the iron and go through a metal detector, I briefly enveloped negative radiation weapons were not found, kolesche-cutting items, too, so missed. Here began the most interesting. I was escorted to the interview. A woman started to figure out what my name, my age, and, incidentally, is not polite, then asked where I live, where learned about the possibility of a trip, and then asked … capital of France! No, just think what this question. Just do not make fun of – I forget, honestly forgotten that Paris – the capital of France as a travel portal. May be alarmed, that may yet … but have forgotten. Woman glanced at me and put the stamp, or rather just pick up a passport, saying that everything will be fine tomorrow to pick up a passport with a visa. They removed the prints and sent home. That's strange, coming from the room, I remembered about the capital instantly. No, it's too much! I do not like the embassy. But the trip turned out not bad …