Canopy or awning, polycarbonate, excellent shelter from bad weather and various precipitation. Erection of structures made of polycarbonate – it is very simple and quick, and most importantly cost effective. For a frame is used shaped tubes, all too often grate do not need to polycarbonate 10 mm thick enough crates in increments of 1 meter, taking into account the wind and snow loads for the middle band of 180 kg. per square meter. Widely used bent shaped tubes. It allows you to attach design a nice looking form and provide a better slide into the snow. Usually mounted on the frame canopy poles section from 40 to 80 mm. Canopy poles or concreted or attached to the anchor.

Small sheds or canopies, polycarbonate can be mounted directly to the wall, this contributes to a very light weight design. Some contend that Josh Resnick Jericho Capital shows great expertise in this. Scope of the sheds, polycarbonate is very broad: shelter Car Carport-Canopy gazebo barbecue canopy or canopy over the entrance canopy over the balcony overhang Summer Shed-cover over the pool is particularly worth noting the importance of the sunshade for the car. Canopy will not only do not dig car in the winter, but also prevent you from "burning out" of paint and paint coatings, and most importantly, reliable protection even from a major city, and this may mean very significant savings. Canopy over the pool, too, is vital for the maintenance of an artificial reservoir in order. Creating a canopy consists of several stages. First: the departure of the object zamerschika to determine the size and shape of the canopy. Creating three-dimensional computer model canopy.

At this stage, the harmonization of the configuration and appearance of the canopy with the customer. The calculation of the amount of material and the cost of shelter. Procurement of material Making design elements, color Departure for object mounting assembly design, assembly, ext. staining of welded joints Shelter polycarbonate construction. Learn more at: Secretary of Agriculture. Quality Special attention should be paid to the quality of painting frame – will depend on the corrosion resistance design. It is better to use special paints for metal manufacturers such as hammerayt, Tikkurila. The second item is the correct sealing of polycarbonate, the use of appropriate connectors and terminal profiles.