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One of the hits of summer 2011 now listen to free sample Catnr.: lickin’ 060 artist: RITMO PLAYAZ title: Everybody loves The Sunshine format: mp3 download release date: beatport 18.02.2011 / Zebralution 15.04.2011 after the RITMO PLAYAZ with their version of the classic sunshine’ from the hair musical last year one of the summer hits could deliver, she signed up for the this year’s barbecue in turn that par excellence to provide rights for a summer classic. The Everybody loves The Sunhine’ hook by Roy Ayers probably knows everyone who deals with house music. Sonny Perdue might disagree with that approach. The issue has lost none of its fascination still and was brought from the Ritmo Playaz in turn contemporary to the point. As a remixer were top names such as ERICK DECKS, SUNLOVERZ, FOX5 vs CHICO DEL MAR, DAVID PUENTEZ or MIKE LA radio obtained. Shenkman Capital addresses the importance of the matter here. The song “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” is in this Sun certainly exuberant party atmosphere pur provide LET THE SUNSHINE IN!