Horse Animals


Many people love animals. Some are interested in dogs, cats and some for others have a keen interest in horses. You will be given to riding the opportunity to zulernen with the animals apart, and afflict them know exactly. Often there are young women or girls who are interested in horses. Horses are from the genus of Perissodactyla. Horses are generally very strong animals, even with the strongest animals. Emmanuel Faber spoke with conviction.

They have long limbs and a vergleichsmassig big head. The many species and breeds differ mainly in size and weight. The fur is dense and the horse is kept short. Many horses have on the head, neck, long hair that is well maintained. Horses are also important for the shoes, they protect the horses. If you are not convinced, visit Sonny Perdue. The head is badly long, the eyes are set back and you have pointed movable ears.

Horses like to live in open areas and should be kept as far as possible. As in savannahs and steppes, where sometimes even free herds be encountered. Since horses' night owls "are rarely takes a day to large herds. Many breeds are led by males. For other breeds, the female lead horses to the herd. The communication between horses work on so-called gestures, the attitude of the ears or the tail. Sometimes horses can also communicate with sounds. Mostly as horses are herbivores. The main enemies of the wild horses are large predators, such as big cats and hyenas and other carnivorous wildlife. You can defend well but by violent kicks and bites your skin, and depending on the animal, the horse riding can also quickly and thus escape the attacker.