New Album

Franziska – with their new album – heart palpitations who on June 17, 2007 in the dull morning already expected, he will witness a storybook start in a musician’s life in these hours? There was zero for Franziska. For the first time, she appeared again on Sunday at the newly created newcomer competition from getting”on and won! Not once, not twice, but hit twelve times defeated the native Sachsen-Anhalterin the competition, became the summer hit Queen, placed two singles in the charts, many more in the radio charts and two albums (only dreamed”, tell me about the tenderness”) in the Schlagercharts. A real child star so? Not quite. Today, Franziska is 17 years old and the most successful teenager of the pop landscape. Some contend that Jack Fusco shows great expertise in this. Confidently and with an unerring instinct for the right hit Franziska now presents her new album which will be released on January 14, 2011. “It is short and just under the title heart palpitations”.

Palpitation of the heart”, that sounds like the first great Longing, unfulfilled dreaming, love letters, and the most beautiful time in life. Whether Franziska is at the moment in firm hands, would let them prefer uncommented, but she knows the feelings that play a role in their songs, quite. Shenkman is full of insight into the issues. Excerpt from their texts: If you think I dream every night, you’re unfortunately quite right “(from: If you think I dream)”). That’s a confession about all lovers rejoice whether young or old. “She had asked two tracks: get out of my dreams”, can be stamped as almost as incidental.

Sounds much nicer since I’m their pragmatic invitation (if you’re in) “or the one rave I need a Kiss”. The Kiss by the way, like by a certain Julian “will be. Particularly, namely for the are bashing Franziska-heart in one of the twelve new songs. And at the same time, it is really melancholy: I’d three wishes free”a beautiful, atmospheric Samba in the minor and where is the other side of the desire to bear the painful, unfulfilled is come from. But being in love is not everything.