Elster Park

About Franziska committed in their new titles back to their favorite season. The single I’m a me on the summer”brought the beauty of living in Freyburg on the Unstrut in early summer 2010 especially lucky. More than a quarter (22 weeks of airplay charts!) are you on the front seats of the charts. The encounter with a fortuneteller processed in the ballad when she saw in the stars”Fransiska. “” “Believe in higher powers and good in life comes in hits as, Angels don’t fly”, small football miracle faster”and everything changes” to fruition.

“As a small reminiscence on golden hits times also serves the re-recording of the Rosenberg evergreens he belongs to me”, as bonus track rounds off the album. As a whole outweigh the witty, danceable and rhythmic musical Notes that Franziska has so far swept the audience well 1,000 live appearances. Such songs wishing the fans again and again”, know the 17-year-old and has accordingly by their producers William Billy’ King desired a positive, catchy album that makes good mood. Mission accomplished! Also his co-writer and arranger ensured in addition to producer Tommy Mustac and the lyricist team Heike Fransecky and Tobias Reitz. A hit Quartet of Franziska feels understood.

With the additional support of their label Ariola (Sony Music) and she knows well their family and Manager Rosita blank Lahiri in the landscape of the new German Schlager. That makes the palpitation of the heart”is still time so beautiful. “Frances new album heart palpitations” including the eponymous single will be released on January 14, 2011.