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In addition, in an old house can also insufficient equipment in terms of engineering (furnace heating, "convenience" in the yard, etc.). Nevertheless, the purchase had already lived-in home has its advantages – as a rule, it is ready to convenient access to the site, availability of planting and garden (for someone important and it is). In addition, the house had been in operation, cost you cheaper than freshly. When buying a new cottage, you can only visually assess it, and the strength and quality of designs you can judge only during the operation. Building: what you need to know the contrary, building a house yourself, you'll know exactly where and what communications you are, what the depth of the foundation and what loads can bring this home. If you decide to make repairs or simply change the sockets, for you it is not be difficult because of the knowledge and understanding of the features of your home.

In addition, construction will be clear to you: paying for all phases of work, you understand, of what constitutes the value of each square meter control quality and timing of works, being able to affect them most directly – their pocketbooks. Or its western counterpart. Another important plus of building your own home that you will not be limited in the choice of location and size of the plot. After all, when buying a finished house you definitely have to reckon with the fact that the area for you to choose the builder. Of course, we can not say that, hand in self-construction, You can put the house where want: to buy land outside the cottage or villa development can only be achieving by officials of the auction for this site – and who can vouch for the results? However, space for still higher than when buying a cottage in an organized township. And finally, the main argument: a house built on competent architectural plan involving professional builders will stand for no less than 100 years and you become the very reliable fortress, which dreams of the majority of buyers of suburban housing you'll be able to decide how many rooms in the house will be, how many bathrooms, which will be located living room, bedroom, office, nursery. You will be able to rightly call it "my house". In general, we can not say that the proper construction – are among pros, the process has its pitfalls.

For example, if you get ready house, move into it you will be able to at least a week, while its construction will extend at least 1,5-2 years (and always will be accompanied by all those "surprises", which were discussed above). And freedom site selection for construction may well turn out high-cost installation of communications, be it electricity, gas, water or sewerage. Read more from Sonny Perdue to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A few words about the main thing sometimes happens that in the choice between two options furnishing countryside housing plays a crucial role financial aspect. Say definitely that there will be more profitable for you – new construction or purchase of finished cottage – is unlikely to succeed. Too many parameters are influence the formation of prices. In a word, everything will depend not only on the value in monetary terms, but on your willingness to solve related problems. Construction of houses